WARSAW BRASIL Marathon 2023


WARSAW BRASIL Marathon 2023


  1. The organizer of the Warsaw Brasil Marathon 2023 (hereinafter referred to as „WBM”) is Warsaw Brasil Events, conducting business activity under the name Carlos Renato Veronezi de Sousa, registered at ul. Wrzeciono 12b m.39, 01-961 in Warsaw, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity by the Mayor of the capital city of Warsaw under the NIP number 1182207427, REGON: 385769340, email: [email protected], telephone: +48 505 239 457 (hereinafter referred to as the „Organiser”). 


  1. WBM takes place at ART Events (earlier  Medyka Club)Wojciecha Oczki 1A, 02-007 Warsaw, 28.07.23 – 31.07.23.


  1. The following terms used in the Regulations will have the following meaning:  


  • „Ticket” means an individual wristband enabling to enter and exit the event area any number of times;  
  • „Security and Information Services” means employees of personal or property security agencies appointed by the Organizer to ensure the safety of people participating in the WBM, including the control of Participants’ authorization to enter the WBM Area.
  • “WBM Area” means a fenced off area where WBM is conducted or any other place where WBM may be moved for important reasons and which will be made public prior to WBM. 
  • „Agreement” a legal relationship between the Organizer and the Participant, specifying the mutual obligations of the parties. 
  • „Consumer” means a person who performs a legal transaction with the entrepreneur not directly related to his business or professional activity. 
  • „Entrepreneur” means a person, a legal person or an organization, to whom the law grants legal capacity, conducting business or professional activity on its own behalf and performing a legal act directly related to its business or professional activity.  
  • „Entrepreneur with consumer characteristics” means a person concluding a contract directly related to his business activity, when the content of this contract shows that it is not of a professional nature for him, resulting in particular from the subject of his business activity, made available on the basis of the provisions of Central Register and Information on Economic Activity.  
  • „Participant” means a Consumer, an Entrepreneur with consumer characteristics or an Entrepreneur participating in the Festival on the basis of a valid Ticket, invitation or identifier issued by the Organizer. A participant of the Festival may be an adult or a minor under the care of an adult. A minor stays only under the responsibility of an adult under whose care he/she remains, after purchasing Tickets for both himself/herself and the minor. 
  • „Regulations” the document with the rules of the event


  1. The Regulations are addressed to all persons who will be staying in the area where the WBM is being held during the WBM. Each person staying in this area during WBM is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations. 


  1. The Regulations define the rights and obligations of the parties to the service provided by the Organizer and constitute an agreement within the meaning of art. 384 of the Civil Code. 


  1. Acceptance of the Regulations means expressing the will to conclude a contract with the Organizer on the terms set out in the Regulations. The purchase of a WBM ticket is to accept the event regulations. 


  1. The Regulations are continuously available by the Organizer on the website at in a way that allows its acquisition, reproduction and recording of its content by printing or saving it on a carrier at any time using an IT system, which the interested party uses. 


  1. The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure the safety of the WBM by specifying the rules of behavior of persons present at the WBM, their use of the Area where the WBM is conducted and the use of devices located in this Area. In addition, the purpose of the Regulations is to regulate the rights and obligations of WBM participants in connection with the purchase of an admission ticket to the WBM. 



  1. The sale of Tickets takes place: online sale via the website and sale before entering the Venue during the WBE (unless all Tickets are sold out earlier). 
  2. The prices of the Goods posted in the Store are gross prices, excluded from Vat tax.
  3. The ticket purchase procedure consists of:  
  • selecting a given ticket for a given event, 
  • adding event participant data: name, surname, e-mail, city,
  • choose the form of payment, add information about the payer, make payment for the ticket,
  • confirmation of the order and receipt of information about the purchase of the Ticket(s) by e-mail to the e-mail address provided during the purchase, 
  1. The Organizer is not responsible for the consequences of providing false or incorrect data by the Participant. The Participant will be charged a commission for an incorrectly executed transaction. 
  2. You can pay for the placed order, depending on the Buyer’s choice:
  1. by payment card:
    • Visa
    • Visa Electron
    • MasterCard
    • MasterCard Electronic
    • Maestro
  2. via the payment platform:
    • Transfers 24
    • payPal
  3. By means of an ordinary transfer carried out by the buyer’s bank.
  • Payment for the order must be made within 7 working days of placing the order.
  • The Seller informs that in the case of some payment methods, due to their specificity, payment for the order with this method is possible only immediately after placing the order.
  • By making purchases in the Store, the Buyer accepts the use of electronic invoices by the Seller. The buyer has the right to withdraw his acceptance.


  1. The payment is deemed to have been made when the payment is approved by the online payment systems towards the Seller. 
  2. The Organizer is not responsible for any consequences of the incorrect functioning of the payment system referred to above. The Organizer is not responsible for messages, confirmations and other data lost on the Internet. 
  3. Using the possibility of purchasing Tickets online requires meeting the minimum technical conditions: any web browser that supports the JavaScript application, a program that allows viewing and printing tickets saved in PDF format (e.g. Adobe Reader). 
  4. The organizer has the right to end the registration if the number of participants reaches the maximum number allowed.
  5. The price list includes the fee for participation in classes and parties. All other fees related to accommodation, meals, travel costs, insurance, etc. must be paid by the participant on their own. 
  6. The date of receipt of the fee on the Organizer’s account determines the discounted prices within the specified price thresholds. 
  7. Payments can be made by bank transfer to the account indicated in the return e-mail received after completing the application form. Transfers should be described with the name and surname of the participant and e-mail address. 




  • Purchased tickets are not refundable or exchangeable. Please make
    your purchases carefully as tickets cannot be returned or refunded unless
    the Event has been canceled or postponed. The above does not violate consumer rights, in accordance with art. 38 points 12 of the Act of May 30, 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 134, as amended). 
  • In the situation of cancellation of the Event, the Customers who have purchased a ticket
    will be informed of this fact by the Organizer immediately in the form of an e-mail
    sent to the indicated address and/or by phone to the indicated telephone number. 
  • The refund of the amount paid for the ticket will be made on the basis of the delivered ticket, in the form in which the payment was made.
  • The customer has no right to claim reimbursement of additional costs incurred, such as hotel, travel, etc.




  • You can change the owner of the pass no later than July 26, 2023. 
  • The resale of the passes and the change of the name assigned to the pass without giving a reason can be made only once, by July 26, 2023 at the latest (in exceptional cases, we allow for more changes). 
  • The organizer does not mediate in the search for a new pass buyer. Participants account for each other. The organizer does not mediate in the search for a new pass buyer, nor in settlements between the seller and the buyer. 
  • In order to change the name: The original owner of the pass sends a notification about the change to the Organizer by July 26, 2023 at the latest at [email protected], providing the name, surname and e-mail address of the new owner. The original owner’s ticket will be canceled and a new ticket sent to the e-mail address provided. 
  • We do not charge additional fees for the exchange of passes. 
  • It is possible to exchange the type of pass for another currently available in the offer, as long as it is connected with the extension of the purchased festival package. For this purpose, the Organizer should be informed by e-mail for [email protected] of the desire to exchange the pass and the difference in price should be paid.




  • Passes for Warsaw Brasil Fest won in any competitions or received free of charge are not refundable, transferable to another person, event or edition, or exchanged for cash. It is allowed to extend the package of such a pass on the general terms and conditions of sale. 
  • Passes sold as part of PROMOTIONS AND SPECIAL OFFERS may be subject to separate rules for returns, resale and exchange, which are each time specified in the regulations of the PROMOTION. 






  • The basis for issuing the wristband and admission to the event is the presentation of a PERSONAL E-TICKET sent in the attachment of this message and an identity card confirming the data on the ticket. 
  • Wearing event wristbands during the entire event is MANDATORY. ● You are entitled to 1 wristband for the entire event. 
  • We replace them only if it is damaged for reasons beyond the user’s control. In such a situation, you should bring the damaged wristband to the office and replace it with a new one. 
  • Please pay attention when putting on the wristband in the event office that it is not too tight or wide, as this cannot be a reason for a complaint about the wristband.